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His curly hair is iconic and ironic and people know him by that as well.

He is none other than the very talented and very versatile Adam Lamberg.

“I don’t know what I want in relationships, which is probably the reason I’m pouring my energy into my work,” Adam said at the time.

Adam Lambert also opened up about Sam in a candid interview with the “I think the world could handle it,” Lambert teased of an Adam and Sam collaboration. I would be up for an all-male duet if the song was great and the artist was right,” Adam coyly added.

, Smith and Lambert were recently spotted looking pretty cozy while out together at New York club No.

8 on March 3 and appeared to be getting closer after the two became friends last year.

He was born in a place called New York City, which lies in New York of United States of America.

Today, she's a 28-year-old divorcee and mom of one.

But Hilary wasn't the only one of the stars to make it big on the millennial favorite.

When you grow up on TV, you're bound to have a crush on at least one of your co-stars, right?

In a recent interview with, Hilary Duff revealed that she definitely had a major crush on one of her Disney co-stars, and when you find out who it is, your heart will not only melt, but it will yearn for what could have been.

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  1. I DO NOT want to be in a relationship, i completely refuse it, cause i suffered like crazy the last year in my LTR, and the breakup, and it was all a horrible proccess. and i say "yes, casually", and they act surprise that i dont want to be in a relationship. My LTR has been over only for 2 months, and i intend to stay this way a much longer time.